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Transforming Lives

Fitness Cover Model Shares Her Story

Personal trainer and Isagenix business builder Rita Catolino grew up in an Italian family where food was often the focus. As she got older, Rita put on extra weight, and decided she wanted to make a personal change and set an example once she gave birth to her daughter. Always obsessed with magazines like Oxygen, Rita looked at an issue one day and made a promise to herself that she would eventually grace their cover. Rita never intended to use Isagenix products when she joined the company, but simply wanted to take advantage of the business opportunity and earn extra income. Once she tried the products at the urging of her sponsor, she was sold. Rita quickly embraced the no-compromise products and the Isagenix lifestyle. After years of hard work, sculpting her body, and focusing on how she felt instead of the number on the scale, Rita finally got her Oxygen cover.
Press play on this podcast to hear Rita’s story of how she went from an overweight girl to a healthy and toned mother and Isagenix business builder.

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Former Pro Hockey Player Becomes Business Builder and Six-Figure Earner

A product user at first, Zach and his wife Jessica did not pursue the Isagenix business opportunity until 18 months after drinking their first shake. Zach eventually couldn’t resist the business opportunity because of his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for helping others. By leveraging his background as a professional hockey player and goalie, Zach and Jessica decided to give the business side a try. Through social media and word of mouth, they grew their team, eventually reaching the rank of 4-Star Golden Circle, 3-Star Crystal Executive.
Listen in and learn how Zach and Jessica developed their business and hear what they hope the future has in store for them.


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Building a Global Community Gym

Host Kjersti Cote sits down with Scott and Laura St. John, a couple who recently earned 3-Star Golden Circle, 2-Star Crystal Executive status, and were recently nominated for the Top 10 in Spirit of Isagenix award. Living in Denver with their three children, Scott and Laura ran an education technology company for kids for more than 15 years before they turned from “closet” users of Isagenix products into business builders in 2011. Listen to them talk about turning barnyard workouts into a gym, and using a love of transforming others’ lives on a larger scale.
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The Proof Is in the Product

In less than two years, this power couple earned 3-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive status. Danny’s background in Yamaha sales and Tammy’s as a stay-at-home mother to their now-adult children led them here, but the loss of a parent inspired the couple to change their habits. After releasing nearly 50 pounds combined between the two of them, Danny and Tammy were on board. Hear them share how social media, launch parties, consistency, and having the “confidence” to start the conversation can go a long way.
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