Overcoming Weight-Loss Plateaus

susansly_coupleTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 7 Star Golden Circle, Nutritionist and Athlete Susan Sly

Sometimes when you’re on the pathway to losing weight, the scale just won’t! Don’t worry—you can overcome the plateau with expert tips from Isagenix Millionaire, 7-Star Golden Circle, Nutritionist and Athlete Susan Sly. Tune in to find out how you can push right through and continue to burn fat and achieve your health goals!

Week 16 – “Selecting Good Choices”

susansly_coupleTrainer: Clarity Life Coach & Crystal Executive Anne Palmer and Isagenix Millionaire & 7 Star Golden Circle Susan Sly

All you have to do is look around for confirmation that the adage “We are what we eat” is true. Yes, what we put in our bodies, and how we take care of our bodies, determines the overall state of our health and well-being. Clarity Life Coach and Isagenix Crystal Executive Anne Palmer will speak with certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer, health & wellness coach, former elite level athlete, Isagenix Millionaire and 7-Star Golden Circle Susan Sly about how to incorporate good choices into your routine to yield success during the Challenge and in life.

Week 13 – “Tackling Stubborn Fat Loss”

susansly_coupleTrainer(s): Isagenix Millionaire, 7 Star Golden Circle, Athlete and Nutritionist Susan Sly and 2009 1st Place Winner and Crystal Executive Mark Douglas

Forget the weight-loss plateau. Isagenix Millionaire, 7-Star Golden Circle, Athlete and Nutritionist Susan Sly has a plan to shed pounds even when you’re dealing with slow weight-loss. Also, tune in as 2009 IsaBody Challenge Men 50+ Category Winner Mark Douglas shares how he was able to release a tremendous amount of weight and some of his tips for success.

Use Events to Build a Massive Business

susan-sly-2010-107-x-135Trainer: 7 Star Golden Circle & Isagenix® Millionaire Susan Sly

Events are key to creating and building a massive business; from the camaraderie that your team members experience to key training tips and even more “light bulb” moments, it’s important to encourage your teams to attend events like Isagenix University, Celebration and New Year Kick Off. Tune in as 7-Star Golden Circle and Isagenix Millionaire Susan Sly shares her thoughts on the importance of events and how you can encourage your team members to attend.