Turning Tribulation Into Triumph

Join host Kjersti Cote and 4-Star Golden Circle, 6-Star Crystal Executive Chanci Dawn. Learn how Chanci, a licensed nutritional practitioner, life coach, mother, elementary school teacher, and military spouse evolved as a user and business leader during her six years with Isagenix. Listen to Chanci's emotional story of how caring for a child with brain [...]

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How Do You Define Freedom?

You might be surprised to learn that not all entrepreneurial pursuits are created equally. Julie B. learned this lesson the hard way. “Corporate jobs were never right for me because I was always meant to be my own boss,” she says. Unfortunately, Julie’s first attempt at self-employment was as a franchise owner. Her startup cost [...]

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A Healthy Challenge: How Dr. Ryan E. Used the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge to Help Him Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

After a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and a digestive track infection, Chiropractic Doctor and Isagenix Manager Ryan E. knew he needed to improve his health as soon as possible. “When you have a family and a personal practice, you have no choice but to keep pushing forward and find the strength to improve; not for [...]

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