Support Your Shake Days and Cleanse Days With Whey Thins

Have you been wondering why Whey Thins are now recommended for Cleanse Days? Isagenix Product Education Supervisor Sara Richter explains the reasoning behind their new classification as a Cleanse Day tool and describes the in-house pilot study firmly supporting their use. Not only can Whey Thins support your Cleanse Days, but they are also a [...]

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Get to Know the New IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free

Have you tried the new dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Berry Bliss IsaLean® Bars? Isagenix Product Education Supervisor Sara Richter breaks down what makes IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free a nutritionally sound, complete meal replacement. Now you can add some variety to your Shake Days with the convenience of these plant-based bars! Check out this episode!

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How to Fix Your 3rd Meal Issues

When it comes to Shake Days, breakfast and lunch are taken care of. It’s the third meal that becomes a problem for people. Research Scientist Alex Mohr, M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate joins the show to teach you how to hit your target calories while enjoying the meals you make! “It’s not only important to know what [...]

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Customizing Shake Days and Cleanse Days

Guides are made for a reason, and provide a pathway to success for many. The Isagenix guides for Shake Days and Cleanse Days achieve just that, success for a lot of people. But what about those who may need some personalization to their Isagenix system? What extra snacks can they have on Shake Days? Are [...]

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5 Tips to Help You Get Swimsuit Ready

Are you ready for swimsuit season? If not, Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Ina Nozek joins the show with tips for fat burning, Shake Days, workouts, hydration, and stress. “We all want to look great in our swimsuits, but what’s most important is to be proud of how hard we work toward better health,” she says. Listen [...]

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Planning Your Alternate Meal on Shake Days

Struggling with what to eat for your alternate meal on Shake Days? Kathy Coover's personal trainer Jill Knight and registered dietitian Gillean Barkyoumb explain how everything you need to succeed on your Shake Day is in the palm of your hand! Check out the Isagenix 400-600 Calorie Meal Planner and follow along. For more information [...]

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Customize Your Shake Days

Trainer: Katie Coles, MS, RD, CPT, Research Nutritionist II Are you following the Shake Day Guidebook in your 30-Day System exactly as written? If so, you’re not getting the most out of your Shake Days. Research Nutritionist Katie Coles joins the show and teaches you how to tailor your Shake Days and discusses [...]

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