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Monday, October 28th, 2013

Spirit of Isagenix Award Recipients

Meet this year’s winners of the Spirit of Isagenix Award!

Elizabeth Martinsen-107x135JenniferCorlissTrinker_214x270Jill-Birth-107x135

Trainers: Elizabeth Martinsen, Jill Birth and Jennifer Trinkner

Listen in as Elizabeth Martinsen, Jill Birth and Jennifer Trinkner share their Isagenix stories and successes and celebrate their accomplishment in receiving this special award.

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A 3-Time Fitness Pro’s Take on Isagenix

MicheleWelcome_214x270 Trainer: 1 Star Golden Cirlce, Executive Michele WelcomeMichele is an 11-year veteran to bodybuilding and figure competitions where she has earned professional status in THREE organizations. Listen in as she shares what she thinks of Isagenix, it’s business opportunity and the network marketing industry.

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Real People. Real Results. July 17, 2013

Jill-Birth-107x135 Trainers: Jill Birth and Kimber King

Jill has an incredible story! She transformed her body and was chosen as the 2011 IsaBody Challenge Champion. Her life hasn’t been the same since! Jill and Kimber are creating fun competitions to build their teams, creating synergy and momentum. Kimber’s story start with skepticism but leads her to a multiple 6 figure income annually.
TRT – 23:26

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Real People. Real Results. July 3, 2013

HollyDeMott-107x135Trainers: Ryan Jaselskis and Millionaire Holly DeMott

Isagenix just isn’t for weight loss but total health and balance. Ryan is proof as he’s put on substantial lean muscle over the last year with Isagenix. Nothing worked for him until our products. Holly DeMott is one of our newest millionaires- #90! Listen in as she shares how she built and her secrets to success.
TRT – 25:35

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Real People. Real Results. June 26, 2013

JasonLew-214x270Trainers: Liela von Ree and Jason Lew

Liela, a mother of five, has been searching for a company with lasting weight-loss results. That’s when she discovered Isagenix. Listen in as she shares her incredible journey. Plus, join Jason as he shares what attracted him to Isagenix and how he’s built his success business.
TRT – 22:46

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Real People. Real Results. June 19, 2013

DeecaSimmonds_214x270Trainer: Deeca Simmonds

Former model and corporate go-getter Deeca used to work 9-to-5 and loved it. That was until this 1-Star Golden Circle and 1-Star Crystal Executive got tired of taking orders from others, especially her boss. Listen in as she shares how Isagenix helped to transform her health and wealth.
TRT – 17:47

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Real People. Real Results. June 12, 2013

Trainers: 6 Star Crystal Executive, 5 Star Golden Circle Kevin and Pam Barnum

Meet Isagenix® Millionaires No. 89! Before the spring of 2009, Pamela was a Federal Crown Attorney and Kevin was a Canine Handler in a specialized police unit. Listen in to hear their inspirational story and how Isagenix has helped them to surpass their annual income.
TRT – 22:50

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Real People. Real Results. May 29, 2013

NicoleRobStewart-214x270Trainers: Rob and Nicole Stewart

Meet our 84th Isagenix® Millionaires, Rob and Nicole Stewart! Since starting their journey in 2004, this British Columbia couple has achieved the highest rank within Isagenix and is living life to the fullest! Listen in to hear how it all began.
TRT – 23:17

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Real People. Real Results. May 22, 2013

Gilks1_214x270Trainers: The Gilks

David is a chartered herbalist, bio-kinesiologist and top-rated fitness trainer who pulled Isagenix apart to see what our products (and opportunity!) was all about.  Together with his wife, Sarah, they own Core Essentials and have incorporated Isagenix into their work and everyday life.  Listen in as they share their story, what they’ve been able to accomplish, and what their future holds.
TRT – 25:11

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Real People. Real Results. May 1, 2013

Robin-and-Stryker-Dunda-214x270Trainers: Robin and Stryker Dunda

Get inspired by the story of our 80th Isagenix Millionaires, Robin and Stryker Dunda! This husband and wife duo will take you back sharing the debt to riches journey and what lies ahead.
TRT – 21:27

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