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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Recharging Your Energy With e+ and Isagenix Coffee

ScienceTalks_RechargeYourEnergy2Isagenix R&D Product Education Supervisor Sara Richter talks all about the caffeine found in two major Isagenix Products e+ and Isagenix Coffee. Do you ever wonder how much caffeine you can drink in a day and why it makes you feel so alert? Stop feeling guilty about having a second cup of coffee or a mid-day e+ shot, tune in, and learn all about the benefits of caffeine and the Isagenix difference.
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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Got Questions About Coffee? Isagenix Director of Science Communications David Despain has Answers.

ScienceTalks_090115_Coffee_DavidDCoffee is a funny subject. There are several myths out there claiming it’s bad for you while others claim you can drink as much of it as you want. So, what’s the truth? David Despain gives you a scientific look into coffee, its benefits, and why Isagenix Coffee is leading the way with a better option for perking up. He also explains the difference between Isagenix Premium and USDA-Certified Organic blends. This is a great listen for coffee lovers and those of you looking to add more pep to your step.

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