Staying Healthy During the Holidays

With so much going on during the holiday season, it can be hard to find balance. Listen in as Isagenix Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Gnant shares her tips for staying healthy for the holidays. Lindsay offers ideas for making healthy choices most of the time, so you can indulge a little on special occasions. [...]

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Food Swaps for ‘Clean’ Energy

Everyone is looking for ways to feel less sluggish and gain healthy energy to get through the day. Isagenix Director of Science Communications David Despain M.Sc. shares tips for swapping out unhealthy foods or drinks with Isagenix options that can provide you with “clean” energy. Plus, David offers a few tips to help you sleep [...]

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Staying on Track While on the Road

Whether for work or play, traveling can throw a wrench in your clean eating routine. Faced with gas station snacks and fast food, choosing a nutritious meal can seem overwhelming. The Coovers' personal trainers, Jill and Scott Knight, break down how to prepare snacks for travel and how to navigate your restaurant choices while you're [...]

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Healthy for Life

The Coovers’ Personal Trainers, Scott and Jill Knight, share their simple tips to staying healthy for life. From the benefits of exercising outdoors, to swapping out everyday choices, these lifestyle changes help ensure good health for life! Check out this episode!

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Holiday Recipes! How to Avoid The Holiday Pudge

Trainer: Kjersti CoteHow to avoid the holiday pudge? Eat savory, healthy recipes that satisfy your holiday gatherings and meals but are guilt free! Listen in as we cover a few favorite recipes and tips for staying healthy through the holidays! [podcast][/podcast]

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