SPECIAL EDITION: Holiday Bonus Pool

HolidayBonusPool_960x960Trainer: Chief Sales Officer Travis Garza

Hello everyone and welcome to this special Holiday Bonus Pool Update! I’m Travis Garza, Vice President and Chief Sale Officer. We are having huge momentum here at Isagenix with our biggest weeks happening in the last 90-Days! Isn’t that amazing!? Just as a reminder, there are 4-ways to get paid: daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Our hugely popular Holiday Bonus Pool promotion, which offers annual pay just in time for the Holiday’s is back and better than ever for 2015!
This year, we’ve made a few changes to the program, including more payouts!
First, we’ll be paying bonuses more frequently. For each quarter you earn shares, you’ll be paid twice: 50% of your shares value will be paid at the end of the quarter and 50% at the end of the promotion, by mid-December. That means you could get up to five Holiday Bonus checks throughout the year!

Our Second change revolves around rank. You must maintain an active rank of Manager or higher for 8 out of the 13 weeks, that’s right 8 out of the 13 weeks in each quarter. Along with the rank requirement, you must enroll 3 Active Autoship Associates with 100 BV or higher to begin earning quarterly shares. If you enroll mid-quarter you can still qualify for bonuses. For more details and examples, check out our Holiday Bonus Pool flyer with FAQs.

Finally, remember to stay active! Associates that go inactive at anytime will forfeit all previously awarded shares for that quarter.

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