The NEW Experience Isagenix Training Tool


WealthCreation_062215_LynnHIsagenix Millionaire and 16-Star Platinum, 11-Star Crystal Executive Lynn Hagedorn has the skinny on this powerful new tool. “This brand-new PDF is designed to help new and potential Associates learn the basics,” says Lynn. “It’s the best way for someone to learn our business without feeling overwhelmed.” This tool is loaded with information about Isagenix products, building a business, and more. Plus, it hyperlinks to additional information and training tools. Listen to Lynn break down how you can use this new tool to take your Isagenix business to the next level.

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How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset


WealthCreation_060115_LynnHIsagenix Millionaire and 16-Star Platinum, 11-Star Crystal Executive, Lynn Hagedorn, didn’t achieve success with negative thinking. “If Isagenix is the vehicle for you to accomplish your dreams, your mindset is the GPS to make sure you reach your destination,” she says. Lynn teaches her team and her leaders how to have a Millionaire Mindset and wants to show you how to develop yours.

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The Isagenix Compensation Plan Basics


Trainer: 14 Star Platinum, 10 Star Crystal Executive Lynn Hagedorn

If you sat down to explain the Isagenix compensation plan, how would you do? Listen in as Lynn becomes your tour guide in pointing you to the tools and in the right direction in learning the basics of how we get paid and how we get our people paid!

How to Overcome Objections to Isagenix


lynn-hagedornTrainer: 16-Star Platinum, 10-Star Crystal Executive Lynn H.

Hearing “no” can be a scary thing in the world of network marketing, but have no fear: Isagenix power business builder Lynn is here to help. She’ll walk listeners through how to overcome objections while prospecting, and introduce the basics of connection psychology. Learn about the “feel, felt, found” method, and how to ask the right questions to turn that “no” into a “heck, yes!”

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