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Vital Income: Why A Registered Nurse Works Toward Financial Freedom With Isagenix

In six months, Michelle P. achieved 2-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive running her Isagenix business part time. Hear how this registered nurse with three kids and almost no free time, utilizes social media to connect with new people, build her business, and change lives with Isagenix. Although Michelle’s family is her “why,” the people who [...]

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Millionaire Made in a Decade

Teresa V., 5-Star Golden Circle, 2-Star Crystal Executive, joins this podcast to talk about how she made one million after one decade. Five minutes after she joined Isagenix, Teresa rank advanced to Consultant. She maintained that same tenacity for an entire decade, and it paid off. Teresa is our 129th Isagenix Millionaire. If you struggle [...]

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Unleash Your Inner Millionaire

Trainers: Shawn and Kari-Lyn Owens, 5 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Executive. If you don’t believe you can be a millionaire, you won’t be. Shawn and Kari-Lyn Owens don’t claim to be special. They don’t claim to be better than or different from anyone else. They do however, believe in everything they do [...]

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Finding a Success Partner in Your Family

Trainers: 9-Star Platinum, 14-Star Crystal Executive Shauna E. and 5-Star Golden Circle, Executive Heidi P. A success partner is someone that helps you achieve your goals. Sometimes the best success partners are family. After five years, Shauna E. found a success partner in her daughter, Heidi P. Listen to this mother-daughter team share [...]

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Are You a Contender?

Trainers: 2014 IsaBody Finalists: 1.    Erin P. 2.    Jason O. 3.    Thai L. 4.    Shelagh R. 5.    Will A. Planning on competing in the 2015 IsaBody Challenge®? Listen to the Top 5 Finalists of 2014 break down what it takes to be a legitimate contender. If they can do it, so can YOU! [...]

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Releasing 100 Pounds is Just the Beginning

Trainer: James M., 100 lb Club Member Isagenix gets results. There’s a reason we have clubs for people that release 100+ pounds. James is part of the 100-Pound Club and making his way to the 200-Pound Club. You won’t have any excuses after hearing about his incredible journey with Isagenix and the IsaBody [...]

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2014 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Trainer: 2014 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Amyra M. The physical and financial transformation of Amyra M. will strengthen and inspire you. Learn how our Isagenix 2014 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner continues her drive and momentum to succeed. Hear her story and learn how important a strong “WHY” is in accomplishing your [...]

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How to Successfully START Your Isagenix Business

Trainer: Laura K., 3-Star Golden Circle, 4-Star Crystal Executive Imagine working five jobs – and having four kids. Talk about stressful! Laura’s life was, no doubt, hectic. As this mom of four ran an in-home daycare, taught preschool, ran summer camps, taught fitness classes, and served at a restaurant, she somehow found time [...]

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