The Science Behind Why Isagenix Makes You Leaner, Healthier, and Younger—Part 2

Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member & IsaDelight Plus™ Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson

Listen in as Dr. Paul shares the science behind Isagenix and why it makes you leaner, healthier and younger!

Real Results Story: Consultants Adam and Hayfa Marengo

Adam and Hayfa dieted like crazy to try to lose weight, but never had any success. Listen in as they share how discovering Isagenix was a total game changer for the both of them!

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Breaking Bad Habits

Trainers: 2012 IsaBody Challenge® Winner & Star Consultant Craig Coleman and 2011 IsaBody Challenge Winner, 2 Star Golden Circle & 1 Star Crystal Executive Jill Birth

Listen in as IsaBody Champions Craig and Jill share their tips on kicking bad habits to the curb and how you can take your IsaBody Challenge to the next level!

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IsaBody Challenge = Surprising Key to Business Success

Trainer: Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain

The IsaBody Challenge has proven to be one of the most exciting and successful ways for people to not only transform their lives but to build successful organizations! Listen in as Rick shares how you can utilize the Challenge to increase retention and build your teams!

Real Success Story: 3 Star Golden Circle & 2 Star Crystal Executive Erin Postle

Erin found Isagenix a little over a year ago and hit the ground running! Building to a six-figure income and placing in the top for the IsaDerby Challenge, Erin knows what it takes to hit success. Listen in as she shares her story!

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Weight Loss For Children

Trainer: Sonja Schoonenberg, RD, LD, CDE

September Child Obesity Awareness Month, a time to discuss how to stem the tide of poor health among our youngest. Sonja Schoonenberg discusses how children can benefit from Isagenix to lose weight and protect against later chronic disease.

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The Science Behind Why Isagenix Makes You Leaner, Healthier and Younger—Part 1

Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member & IsaDelight Plus™ Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson

Listen in as Dr. Paul shares the science behind Isagenix and how the products help you get leaner, feel healthier and look younger!

Real Results Story: Consultant Michele Evans

Michele knows all there is about organic farming, eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. So why was Michele suffering with health issues? Listen in as she shares her skepticism in discovering Isagenix and her journey to ultimate health and wellness.

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Finding Herself After a Family Tragedy

Trainer: 2012 IsaBody Challenge® Finalist & Consultant Elizabeth Martinsen

Elizabeth is a mom and wife who knows what enduring through tragedy is like. She lost her daughter Victoria to cancer three short years ago. Listen in as she shares how she found Isagenix and how the IsaBody Challenge helped her return to her former self!!!

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Leading with the Business

Trainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 13 Star Platinum & 10 Star Executive Luna Reid

It’s so easy to lead with the products as most are emotionally connected to them with amazing results. But what about the business? Did you know that less than 2 percent of North Americans makes over $100,00.00 per year and that 95 percent of people ages 65 and older are either poor, relying on others to support them or unfortunately have passed away? Financial health is just as important as physical health! Listen in to hear how to lead with this incredible business opportunity!

Real Success Story: Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Platinum & 8 Star Executive Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett has been in the network marketing industry for 29 years hitting it big in Isagenix! As an Isagenix Millionaire and past Presidents Award Recipient, Jay will share with you how he hit success and why he chose Isagenix!

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Fitness & Performance September 18, 2012

Trainers: 2 Star Golden Circle Crystal Executive Keith Deyo, Consultant & Running Back Aaron Hairston, Consultant & Quarterback Trevor Hairston, Consultant & Baseball and Basketball Coach A.J. Huston

Keith Deyo, 2 Star Golden Circle Crystal Executive and strength and conditioning coach, shares the transformational successes of three of his athletes: Consultant and Running Back Aaron Hairston, Consultant and Quarterback Trevor Hairston and Consultant and Baseball and Basketball Coach A.J. Huston.

Athletes not only want to improve performance, but also want to lengthen their sports careers. Listen as these athletes share why Isagenix helped keep them going and feeling young to continue competing.

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Turn Back the Hands of Time with Ageless Renewal Serum

Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member & Master Esthetician Marilyn Territo

Ageless Renewal Serum is a bio-technically advanced treatment containing specially formulated ingredients and polypeptides, also known as epidermal growth factors or cytokines, that work to support the skin’s natural renewal process. Listen in to hear more about how this serum works and why it’s so special!

Real Results Story: 2 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Kelli Calabrese

Kelli Calabrese is a clinical exercise physiologist who has been a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach for almost 26 years. Not only has she co-owned a health club chain, but she has consulted with fortune 500 companies developing fitness programs. She’s also founded a fitness school where she educates thousands of students in becoming certified fitness professionals. So what is it about Isagenix that Kelli loves? Listen in to hear more!

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Losing a Whole Person

Trainers: 2012 IsaBody Challenge Finalist, Consultant Frank Pawlowski & 1 Star Golden Circle Valerie Pawlowski

As a finalist in the 2012 IsaBody Challenge®, Frank’s transformation inspired all of us! Listen in as he shares his story of triumph. His aunt Valerie, his trainer and coach will also share what a joy it was to watch Frank transform!

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