Cooking Healthy Meals

demott_loriharder5 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Executive & 2010 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Holly DeMott and Fitness Competitor, Athlete, and 4 Golden Circle 1 Star Executive Lori Harder

Listen in to hear Holly and Lori’s fun ideas and tips for your kitchen with recipes to fit your Isagenix lifestyle.

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Maintaining Lifelong Health and Vitality

cindy-hedges-head-shotTrainer: 5 Star Golden Circle and 3 Star Crystal Executive Cindy Hedges

  • Once you’ve hit your health and wellness goals, what products and systems are key for maintaining and staying youthful?
  • Listen in to hear Cindy’s ideas for lasting health

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Learning How to Win the IsaBody Challenge

isabody_107x138Trainers: Past IsaBody Challenge Winners

Past IsaBody Challenge winners will share how they felt when they first started, what their health regimens looked like, what their biggest struggles were and how they achieved amazing results to place in their Challenges.

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Finding the Perfect Product Pak

dr_ken_simpson_107x1352009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Dr. Ken Simpson

Whether it’s the 30 – Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System with Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack or the 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, which system is the best for beginners, those looking for weight loss, athletes, and others?

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Mastering the 3-Way Call

joe-malooleyTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle and 3 Star Executive Joe Malooley

  • Joe Malooly has been recognized as one of the best in conducting a 3-way call.
  • Learn how you can improve success by mastering the 3-way call and enrolling Associates with ease.

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Wavering in Your Challenge

dr_ken_simpson_107x135Trainer: 2009 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Dr. Ken Simpson

  • As you’re moving through your Challenge, wavering and getting off track can happen.
  • Listen in as Dr. Ken Simpson shares his advice on getting back on track and staying there!

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5 Minutes to Wellness – 5 Pillars of Health

dr_eric_kaplanTrainer: 1 Star Silver Circle and Author Dr. Eric Kaplan

  • Dr. Eric Kaplan is a chiropractor, best-selling author and a highly successful entrepreneur.
  • He’s been featured on numerous major TV networks and the radio.
  • Listen in as he shares the features and benefits he loves about the Isagenix 5 Pillars of Health

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