Happy New Year!

holly_demott_107x135Trainer: 2010 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner, 5 Star Golden Circle & 1 Star Executive Holly DeMott

  • Believe it or not the year is coming to an end!
  • Let’s go over all of what Isagenix offers for ultimate success in your Challenge!

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Week 60 – “Writing a Winning Essay”

rick_despain_sept_2010_107x135Trainer: Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain

  • For some of you, your 24-week journey is nearly up!
  • How will you write that winning essay?
  • Now it’s time to maintain or continue to build on your results in the New Year

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Finishing the Year Out Strong!

mike_dellaireTrainer: 5 Star Golden Circle Mike Dallaire

  • Right now is a crucial time for your business in 2012.
  • What steps can you take to power up your business?
  • Listen in for a solid strategy and tips for success from Mike Dallaire

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Week 59 – “Accountability and Support

jill_birthTrainer: 2011 Grand Prize IsaBody Challenge Winner Jill Birth

  • As Jill moved through the 2011 IsaBody Challenge, becoming our Grand Prize Winner, how important was support and accountability to her and her success?
  • Listen in to hear her advice and tips for even better results!

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IsaDermix Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream and Refreshing Body Wash

Marilyn TeritoTrainer(s): Scientific Advisory Board Member & Master Esthetician Marilyn Territo

  • When seasons change, so does our skin.
  • Learn the features of our Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream and Refreshing Body Wash and what makes them special.
  • Also, we know we absorb good and bad things through our skin, so what should we be aware of to stay at our healthiest?

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A Successful System

carol_foullongTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle and 2 Star Executive Carol Foullong

• Ever wonder what it would be like to have a perfect opening line and have the perfect close?
• Which system are you using?
• Learn how to develop your system for guaranteed success.

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Week 58 – Secrets to Health & Fitness From Jim & Kathy’s Personal Trainers

jill_knight-107x135Trainers: 1 Star Golden Circles and Personal Trainers Jill & Scott Knight

• Get secrets from the Jim and Kathy Coover’s personal trainers
• Find out how to maximize your results with Isagenix.
• Discover tips on staying fit through the holidays including key exercises to incorporate into your routine

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Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System

kimes_andersonTrainer(s): Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Paul Anderson & Scientific Advisory Board Member and Chiropractor Dr. Mark Kimes

• With the cold weather and temperatures dropping, how can the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System help with the aches and pains?
• How does our pain relief system stack up to popular drug store pain products?

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