Reexamining Your Coaching Style

dscf0441Trainer: 5 Star Golden Circle Mike Dallaire

  • How is your coaching style?
  • You might be turning your team off when you could be building a team of rock stars!
  • Learn four secrets 5 Star Golden Circle Mike Dallaire has used to help develop a team of champions

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IsaDelight Plus

dr_paul_anderson-107x135Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member and IsaDelight Plus Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson

  • The perfect chocolate
  • Does IsaDelight Plus™ help with Cleanse Days?
  • What makes these dark chocolates so special?
  • Learn all the amazing benefits of IsaDelight Plus chocolate

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What to Say When Connecting

drew-berman107x135Trainer: 5 Star Golden Circle & 1 Star Crystal Executive Drew Berman

  • How to have a 100% conversion rate when talking with someone about networking marketing
  • What to say, how to say it
  • Learn how to become the most effective presenter in the business

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Week 53 – “Maximizing Your Workout Results”

shane_freelsTrainer: 2 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive & Personal Trainer Shane Freels

  • Exercise tips for the beginner all the way to the advanced
  • Tips on maximizing results in your workout
  • What to eat before, during and after your workouts.

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Creating Synergy Within Your Team

ellen-bTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire 6 Star Golden Circle and 7 Star Crystal Executive Ellen Bradley Ganus

  • Learn how to create an electric atmosphere within your team
  • Create growth, loyalty and commitment
  • As a leader, learn how to set the feeling that creates synergy

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Isagenix Nutrition for Kids

david_despain_107x135Trainer: Isagenix Senior Manager of Science Communications & Nutritionist David Despain

  • Hear stats on the health of children and teens today
  • Why our children and teens need Isagenix
  • Which Isagenix products are a “must” for various ages

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    Week 51 – “Cleansing 101″

    peter-greenlaw-headshot-preferredTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 6 Star Golden Circle & 3 Star Crystal Executive Peter Greenlaw

    • The need for cleansing.
    • Difference of daily, moderate, and deep cleansing.
    • How cleansing is key to driving results during your IsaBody Challenge.

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