Keys to a Stellar Open

ronda-coallierTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive Ronda Coallier

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to start the conversation off on the right foot. So, what are the keys to creating a stellar open? Whether it’s a question, a few choice opening lines or other technique, tune in as 4-Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive Ronda Coallier shares her tips for success.

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Week 46 – “Persistence, Determination and Focus”

anthony_stefosTrainer: 2011 1st Place IsaBody Challenge Winner Anthony Stefos

You’ve decided to commit to the IsaBody Challenge, but how do you reach your goals? Tune in as IsaBody Challenge 1st Place Winner in the Male 18-39 Category Anthony Stefos shares how persistence, determination and focus helped him to not only lose more than 100 pounds, but take up a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

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New Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus Want More Energy?®

david_despain_107x135Trainer: Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain

Our newest flavor addition to the Want More Energy? family is here! With the same electrolyte and vitamin profile as our Citrus and Orange flavors, you’ll get the same energizing mix with our new Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus Want More Energy?. Tune in as Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain shares more about this exciting addition.

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Why Every Professional Should Try Isagenix

jay_bennett-107x135jpgTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire & 6 Star Golden Circle Jay Bennett

Many professionals are interested in diversifying their opportunities outside of their career. Find out how you can demonstrate how the Isagenix opportunity is the perfect fit for creating an extra stream of income and another area to channel their passion and energy.

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Week 45- How I Won the IsaBody Challenge

jill_birthTrainer: 2011 Grand Prize IsaBody Challenge Winner Jill Birth

Tune in as Jill Birth, our newest IsaBody Challenge Winner, shares how she used top nutrition with Isagenix, set her goals and won the 2011 IsaBody Challenge. Plus, find out what she might do with the $120,000 grand prize.

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Product B™ Antioxidants Plus Telomere Support

John_AndersonTrainer: Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson and Dr. Bill Andrews

Isagenix just released the ground-breaking new Product B, which is on the cutting-edge of science. So, why should you be taking it, what does it do and how did our top scientists discover this key to youthful aging? Tune in as Master Formulator and Founder John Anderson and CEO of Sierra Sciences Dr. Bill Andrews discuss the importance of Product B and how it is going to change the face of aging.

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Week 44 – “Maintaining Your Results” Part VIII

shauna_fTrainer: Consultant & 2009 1st Place Women 36-349 Category Winner Shauna Forsyth

You’ve created a new lifestyle and maybe even reached your goals. Now tune in to hear all about how others just like you have maintained their results.

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5 Pillars of Health

david_despain_107x135Trainer: Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain

Discover the power of the Isagenix Pillars of Health! With Cleanse for Life®, IsaLean® Shake, Ionix® Supreme, Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack and Product B™ Antioxidants plus Telomere Support in your daily regimen, you’ll be ready for anything and provide yourself with the keys to Nutritional Cleansing, cellular replenishing and youthful aging.

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Creating Top Income Earners in Your Team

Joni BrewerTrainer: 6 Star Golden Circle & 11 Star Crystal Executive Joni Brewer

Building a million dollar business is an unbelievable accomplishment, but helping over 15 people personally earn multiple five-figure incomes is truly leaving a legacy.  Learn how you can become a million dollar earner with a 1-2-3 approach from 6-Star Golden Circle Joni Brewer.

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