Week 39 – “Maintaining Your Results” Part II

donovan_meyersTrainer: 2009 IsaBody Challenge Winner, 100-Pound Club Member and Star Consultant Donovan Meyers

You’ve hit your goals, so now how do you maintain your results and a healthy lifestyle? Tune in as 2009 IsaBody Challenge Winner, 100-Pound Club Member and Star Consultant Donovan Meyers shares his journey with Isagenix and how you can maintain lasting, long-term success

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Mastering the Close

rocky_dumasTrainer(s): Isagenix Millionaire & 4-Star Golden Circle Rocky Dumas

You’ve shared Isagenix, but how do you masterfully close someone to help get them started in Isagenix?  Listen in as Isagenix Millionaire and 4-Star Golden Circle Rocky Dumas shares his keys for closing prospects.

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Week 38 – “Maintaining Your Results”

107x135-isaguyTrainer: 2009 IsaBody Challenge 1st Place Winner Melissa Siggard

You’ve hit your goals with the IsaBody Challenge, now what are the next steps to help you maintain them? Tune in as 2009 IsaBody Challenge First-Place Winner Melissa Siggard shares her tips to not only creating success, but keeping it up.

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drkafka_107x135Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member & Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Nicole Kafka

Most of us don’t get the fiber we need on a daily basis. Not only is fiber good for your digestion, but it helps you feel fuller, longer along with a number of other benefits. Tune in as Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Nicole Kafka discusses the importance of fiber and why FiberSnacks! Is one of the best ways for you to add fiber to your day the delicious way.

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Building with Urgency

travis_garza_107x1351Trainer: Vice President of Sales Travis Garza

What does it mean to build with urgency?  How does this play into the success of your teams? They say the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack.

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Week 37 – “Get Ready for the 2012 Challenge”

rick_despain_sept_2010_107x135Trainer: Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain

Registration is already available for the 2012 IsaBody Challenge—have you signed up? Tune in as Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain shares why now is the perfect time to join the Challenge, how to get started and also how to share this incredible Challenge with those you know and love.

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Leveraging Your Time to Maximize Success

kirkmetz-107x135Trainer: Isagenix Millionaire and 6 Star Golden Circle Kirk Metz

Juggling everyday tasks and managing the family can make it challenging to find time to work your business, but it’s not impossible! Tune in as Isagenix Millionaire and 6-Star Golden Circle Kirk Metz shares his key tips to leveraging your time to maximize your success in your Isagenix business.

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Week 36 – Congratulations on Finishing the IsaBody Challenge

jimkathy_107x159Trainer(s): Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover

Finishing the IsaBody Challenge is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations on your health success and committing to your best health. Tune in as Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover discuss the importance of the Challenge, how to continue on the pathway to even better health and wellness and more.

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The Protein-Packed Benefits of IsaCrunch

david_despain_107x135Trainer: Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain

Hemp is one of the earliest known cultivated plants and its seed has long been a food staple for humankind. Why is hemp seed so special? Each spoonful of nutty goodness is packed with all the amino acids and fatty acids necessary for human health. Rediscover this ancient health food by tuning into our product training call on IsaCrunch with Isagenix Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain, MS

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Becoming an Excellent Cleanse Coach

ellen-bTrainer(s): Isagenix Millionaire & 6 Star Golden Circle Ellen Bradley Ganus

Did you know that the right coaching will lead to greater results for your cleanser, better time management for you and increased Autoships in your teams?  So, what does coaching someone look like? How much is too much or not enough coaching? Listen in and learn how to become an excellent cleansing coach from Isagenix Millionaire and 6-Star Golden Circle Ellen Bradley Ganus!

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