Isagenix Anti-Aging Secrets

dr_michael_arutajpgTrainer: 3 Star Golden Circle Dr. Michael Aruta

As technology and science continue to advance, where is Isagenix when it comes to anti-aging? Listen in as 3-Star Golden Circle Dr. Aruta shares all the secrets behind anti-aging in our products and where Isagenix is heading as we continue taking the lead in the world of anti-aging.

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Isagenix 9th Anniversary Call

jimkathy_107x159Trainer(s): Isagenix Co-Founders Jim & Kathy Coover

We’re celebrating nine years of amazing growth! Listen in as Jim and Kathy share memories, milestones, and what we can expect our future to yield!

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Sports Nutrition

shane_freelsTrainer: 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive & Fitness Professional Shane Freels

Athletes are always searching for ways to improve their endurance, stamina, and strength. Isagenix can help! Tune in and Shane will teach you all you need to know about how Isagenix can benefit athletes and how they can use the products to increase overall performance!

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Build a Network of Medical Professionals

kyle_nekrashTrainer(s): Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain and 4 Star Golden Circle Kyle Nekrash

Approaching a medical professional can be tough, especially if you’re not intimately familiar with their world. So, what are medical professional taught, what objections might they bring up to Isagenix and how can you introduce them to Isagenix to overcome any hesitations? Listen in as Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain speaks with 4-Star Golden Circle Kyle Nekrash about this topic and find out how you can help these professionals build their Isagenix all while they’re practicing medicine.

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Week 25 – “How to Write a Winning IsaBody Challenge Essay”

mark_d_107x135Trainer(s): Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain, 2009 IsaBody Challenge 1st Place Winner and Crystal Executive Mark Douglas, Consultant Don Hickcok

You’ve done everything you could to achieve your best results during the 2011 IsaBody Challenge®, so what are the keys to creating a stellar essay? The essay accounts for 50% of your total score—make it count! Tune in as Vice President of Field Relations Rick Despain, 2009 IsaBody Challenge 1st Place Winner and Crystal Executive Mark Douglas and Consultant Don Hickcok share their tips for writing a winning essay.

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Tackling Stress with Isagenix

drporreca-107x135Trainer: : 5 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Dr. Joe Porreca

Ever heard of stress? We bet you have. In today’s world, men and women are maintaining fast-paced lifestyles that include working, raising kids and overcoming a downed economy. For many, stress is a daily thing. How does stress actually affect the body and your health? Tune in as 5-Star Golden Circle Dr. Joe Porreca shares with you the science behind stress and what you can do to tackle stress so you can live a healthier, happier life!

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Becoming an Excellent Cleanse Coach

dr-mark-foullongTrainer:  3 Star Golden Circle Dr. Mark Foullong

Did you know that the right coaching will lead to greater results for your cleanser, better time management for you and increased Autoships in your teams? So what does coaching someone look like? How much is too much or not enough coaching? Listen in and learn how to become and excellent cleansing coach!

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Week 24 – “How to Be a Great Coach”

Joni BrewerTrainer(s): Isagenix Millionaire, 6 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Joni Brewer and Regional Manager of Recognition & Sales Erik Coover

It’s not too late to help your team members join the 2011 IsaBody Challenge! Tune in to learn more from Isagenix Millionaire and 6-Star Golden Circle Joni Brewer on how you can successfully coach your team members through the Challenge and more!

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dr-tony-odonnellTrainer: IsaFruits Formulator Dr. Tony O’Donnell

Did you know that IsaFruits contain more than 30 super fruits per serving? Tune in to learn more about the antioxidant power of this incredible product along with many other benefits from IsaFruits Formulator Dr. Tony O’Donnell. Plus, find out more about the exciting new packaging just launched for this tasty product.

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