Week 18 – “Keeping Yourself Centered & In Gratitude”

jimmysmith-107x135Trainer(s): Clarity Life Coach & Crystal Executive Anne Palmer and No. 1 Income Earner, 9 Star Golden Circle, and Isagenix Millionaire Jimmy Smith

Who better to have talk about keeping yourself centered and in gratitude than No. 1 Income Earner, Isagenix Millionaire and 9-Star Golden Circle Jimmy Smith! Tune in as Clarity Life Coach and Crystal Executive Anne Palmer speaks with Jimmy “The Butcher” Smith about being thankful and grounded. This program is a must-listen!

Love & Chocolate

dr_paul_anderson-107x135Trainer: Scientific Advisory Board Member and IsaDelight® and IsaDelight Plus™ Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson

Love and romance is right around the corner! That’s right, Valentines Day. Rather than stocking up on highly processed, wax-filled, unhealthy chocolates, buy your special someone IsaDelight Plus! Dr. Paul will share all of the details on the incredible benefits of our creamy, power-packed, green tea-infused IsaDelight Plus and how it can help fire up your fat burning potential.

3 Keys that Developed the 1st Isagenix Millionaire

tonirandi-escobar-107x135-prefferredTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Golden Circle & 7 Star Crystal Executive Tony Escobar

Ever wonder how some of our top Isagenix® leaders made it to more than $1 million in commissions and achieved six-figure incomes? Tune in as Isagenix Millionaire, 9-Star Golden Circle and 7-Star Crystal Executive Tony Escobar shares his simple secrets that helped him become the first Isagenix Millionaire. It all starts with the basics: product knowledge, commitment and accountability to your own goals.

Why IsaLean Shakes?

dr_dennis_harperjpgTrainer: Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper

When it comes to meal replacement shakes, there are a ton on the market with different flavors, proteins and costs. So why should someone choose Isagenix over all of the others? Listen in as Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper talks about the features and benefits of our amazing IsaLean Shakes, including ingredients such as its active enzymes, high-quality undenatured New Zealand whey protein and much more.

Discovering New Business Leaders

gwenmilesTrainer(s): 3 Star Golden Circles & Crystal Executives Gwen & Ledell Miles

Three-Star Golden Circles and Crystal Executives Gwen and Ledell Miles are finding new leadership everywhere they turn. The best part is that the new leaders they are finding are not even network marketers. Where did they find them and what are they saying to yield such great results? Tune in as Gwen and Ledell share their tips for success so you can create leaders out of product fans.

National Cleanse Month – Why Cleanse for Life

isaguy-100x100Trainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 9 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Tony Escobar

It’s the New Year and National Cleanse Month! Pursue the “new you” and discover why Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing with Isagenix is so powerful thanks especially to our revolutionary Cleanse for Life. Tune in as Isagenix Millionaire, 9-Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive Tony Escobar shares more details about the superior ingredients in Cleanse for Life and how it can help you achieve your best results.

Week 16 – “Selecting Good Choices”

susansly_coupleTrainer: Clarity Life Coach & Crystal Executive Anne Palmer and Isagenix Millionaire & 7 Star Golden Circle Susan Sly

All you have to do is look around for confirmation that the adage “We are what we eat” is true. Yes, what we put in our bodies, and how we take care of our bodies, determines the overall state of our health and well-being. Clarity Life Coach and Isagenix Crystal Executive Anne Palmer will speak with certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer, health & wellness coach, former elite level athlete, Isagenix Millionaire and 7-Star Golden Circle Susan Sly about how to incorporate good choices into your routine to yield success during the Challenge and in life.

Become Victorious in 2011

anne_bethuneTrainer: 1 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Anne Bethune

Do you have your goals set? Find out how you can become unstoppable in 2011 with your Isagenix business by listening in as No. 1 IsaDerby II Point Earner, 1-Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive Anne Bethune. Anne will share her secrets to success and much more so you can make 2011 a victorious year!

Week 15 – “The Power of Nutritional Cleansing”

jim rhoadesTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire, 5 Star Golden Circle & Nutritionist Jim Rhoades

Isagenix is not a weight-loss system: it’s a total body Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing system! Tune in to hear from Isagenix Millionaire, 5-Star Golden Circle and Nutritionist Jim Rhoades as he shares how Isagenix is unique—from the hundreds of ingredients sourced from around the world to how you can implement it into your daily routine.