Reestablishing Your Why

dave-mac-arthurTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle and Crystal Executive Dave MacArthur

Dave reached a six-figure income annually in a short time with Isagenix®. One thing is for sure, his drive for success always went back to his “why;” the reason and motivation that propelled him toward his goal. What is your “why” and how will it help you stay focused and gain success in Isagenix?

Week 8 – “Believe in Yourself”

anne_palmer1Trainer(s): Clarity Life Coach, Isagenix Crystal Executive Anne Palmer, Isagenix Millionaire & 6 Star Golden Circle Lenny Evans, and IsaBody Challenge® Group Winners Greg & Loriann White

Believing in yourself is essential when undergoing any transformation. Isagenix Millionaire and Belief Coach Lenny Evans says, “Belief is not optional, it’s foundational for long-term success.” Listen in as Clarity Life Coach, Isagenix Crystal Executive Anne Palmer talks with Lenny Evans and 2010 Group Challenge Winners, Gregg & Loriann White on how to build belief in yourself!

Ageless Essentials™ Daily Packs

kyle_nekrashTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle Kyle Nekrash

There are thousands of multivitamins out on the market today. What sets our Ageless Essentials Daily Packs apart from all other supplements packs? Listen in as 4-Star Golden Circle Kyle Nekrash shares those special features and how important they are 365 days a year!

Getting Fired Up About Isagenix®

Herb & PattyTrainers: Isagenix Millionaires, 6 Star Golden Circles & Crystal Executives Herb & Patty Cepeda

Isagenix is redefining the network marketing industry and standing out as a leader among the rest. Why? Tune in as Isagenix Millionaires and 6-Star Golden Circles Herb and Patty Cepeda share stats and what we’re doing that is rocking the industry. This is the perfect training to build your belief in the network marketing industry and Isagenix!

Week 7 – “Foods to Enjoy & Foods to Avoid”

dr_dennis_harperjpgTrainer(s): Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper

As you are moving through the IsaBody Challenge and adopting a healthier lifestyle, it’s great to know what’s good for you and what things you should avoid. Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper will share more details about the good and the bad foods to stock up on so you can fuel your body for ultimate health success.

Isamune® Plus & C-Lyte®

andrea_henkart-107x135jpgTrainer: Isagenix Millionaire & 5 Star Golden Circle Andrea Henkart

With the winter months near, it also it’s time to bolster your immune system! Isamune Plus and C-Lyte are two amazing products that deliver essential nutrients to the body to provide additional immune system support. Listen in as Isagenix Millionaire & 5-Star Golden Circle Andrea Henkart shares of the all features and benefits of these incredible products. And, don’t forget to enjoy special savings on these products as part of our 2010 seasonal specials located in your Back Office “My Orders” section’s “Hot Deals” tab.

Turning the Product Opportunity into a Business Opportunity

holly_demott_107x135Trainer(s): 2010 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner and 3 Star Golden Circle Holly DeMott

As you share Isagenix and your personally-enrolled team members begin to use the products, how do you introduce the business? Get expert advice from 2010 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner and 3-Star Golden Circle Holly as she shares her advice for turning a product user into a business builder.

Week 6 – Align with Your Values

anne_palmerTrainer(s): Life Clarity Coach, 2 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive, Anne Palmer and 5 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Bill Mayer

Rarely do we take time to think about the “things we value” as the cornerstones of our lives. Would you begin creating a building without first placing a cornerstone to establish and celebrate the formation of the building? “NO.” So, as you begin to build a NEW YOU, join Life Clarity Coach and 2-Star Golden Circle Anne Palmer as she interviews Bill Mayer, author of “The Magic In Asking the Right Questions.” The answers will be the building blocks you need to reshape your life.

How the IsaDerby Challenge Can Propel Your Business to New Heights

cindy_little_107x135Trainer: 2 Star Golden Circle and IsaDerby Winner Cindy Little

IsaDerby II is not only a great way to race for exciting results in your business, it’s also a fun team builder! Tune in as IsaDerby I Winner and 2-Star Golden Circle Cindy Little shares her tips for creating tremendous success and racking up the points in this fun contest.