Creating Consultants

Sherry CatlinTrainer: 4 Star Golden Circle & Crystal Executive Sherry Catlin

To grow your team, you need help your new enrollees experience the excitement of getting paid! Tune in as 4 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive and fitness professional Sherry Catlin shares her tips for helping new members achieve Consultant.

Diabetes-Friendly Pak

drharper-107x135jpgTrainer: Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper

Isagenix® is committed to answering the health needs of its customers, so, based on guidelines published by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, our Research and Development team has selected a suite of our existing products that, when used as directed by the pak instructions included, is suitable for the diabetic lifestyle. Tune in as Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dr. Dennis Harper shares more details about the incredible Diabetes-Friendly Pak and how to use it.

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Use Events to Build a Massive Business

susan-sly-2010-107-x-135Trainer: 7 Star Golden Circle & Isagenix® Millionaire Susan Sly

Events are key to creating and building a massive business; from the camaraderie that your team members experience to key training tips and even more “light bulb” moments, it’s important to encourage your teams to attend events like Isagenix University, Celebration and New Year Kick Off. Tune in as 7-Star Golden Circle and Isagenix Millionaire Susan Sly shares her thoughts on the importance of events and how you can encourage your team members to attend.

IsaLean® Bars

Shane FreelsTrainer: 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive & Personal Trainer Shane Freels

Protein provides the building blocks to creating lean muscle and IsaLean® Bars provide a quick, healthy whey protein meal replacement and snack for when you’re on the go. Tune in as 2-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive and Personal Trainer Shane Freels shares the benefits of these tasty, healthy bars.