10-Week Business Blitz Before Celebration

jay_bennett-107x135jpgTrainer: Millionaire Jay Bennett

We’re only weeks away from our 2009 “Living Your Dream” Celebration and now is the time to get your business booming! Tune in as 7-Star Golden Circle and Isagenix Millionaire Jay Bennett shares his 10-week business game plan to get your business revved up before this incredible event!

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Overcoming Fear and Moving Forward With Success in Isagenix

David Wood HeadshotTrainer: Senior Vice President and Chief Training Officer David Wood

One of the world’s master trainers, Senior Vice President and Chief Training Officer David Wood is completely dedicated to helping all Isagenix Associates overcome their fears and make their dreams a reality. Tune in for David’s inspiring advice!

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The Power of Everyday Cleansing

susan_slyTrainer: 6 Star Golden Circle Susan Sly

Cleansing is not just a one-day event anymore. Now with our new Cleanse for Life™ in Tropical Berry, you can get the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing every day! Tune in as 6-Star Golden Circle Susan Sly shares the power of everyday cleansing and how just taking 2 ounces in the morning after you wake up and 2 ounces before you go to bed at night can impact your health.

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Mars, Venus and Isagenix

johngrey-107x135jpgTrainer: Mars Venus Author, Isagenix Millionaire and 6 Star Golden Circle Dr. John Gray

Why are men and women so different? Tune in as best-selling author of the Mars Venus book series, Isagenix® Millionaire and 6-Star Golden Circle Dr. John Gray shares the differences between men and women and how Isagenix plays an important role in helping people feel healthier, happier and have lasting romances.

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