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Wealth Creation

Connecting with Others Through Social Media

Cory K. talks about how to connect with people and create interest using your social media networks. She shares helpful tips on how to incorporate Isagenix into your everyday posts to keep your social media light, positive, and fun using the 10-4-1 rule. For more infomation, visit Check out this episode!

Science Talks

Dr. Dennis Harper Doesn't Skip a Beat When it Comes to Heart Health

It’s Heart Health Month, and Dr. Dennis Harper is on the show to teach you the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle, including during and after intense workouts, and the effects of food choices. Dr. Harper’s background and reputation in the health and wellness industry makes him a true leader in his field. Dr. Harper Read More

Transforming Lives

Vital Income: Why A Registered Nurse Works Toward Financial Freedom With Isagenix

In six months, Michelle P. achieved 2-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive running her Isagenix business part time. Hear how this registered nurse with three kids and almost no free time, utilizes social media to connect with new people, build her business, and change lives with Isagenix. Although Michelle’s family is her “why,” the people who Read More

IsaBody Challenge

Best Cleanse Day Practices

Registered Dietician and Isagenix Nutritionist Gillean Barkyoumb shares her Cleanse Day tips with Jill Knight, Kathy Coover’s Personal Trainer. Learn why sticking to a schedule and using the snacks will help you rid your body of the most toxins and make the most of your Cleanse days! For more information visit,   Check out Read More