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Wealth Creation

The Secrets of Success From Jimmy Smith, Isagenix Millionaire, 19-Star Platinum, 6-Star Crystal Executive

Jimmy Smith is more than a network marketing veteran – he’s a pro. After retiring from his job as a butcher, Jimmy started in the network marketing industry in 1989. Of the companies he’s partnered with, he’s only felt “at home” with Isagenix. Jimmy joins the show as an Isagenix Millionaire, 19-Star Platinum, 6-Star Crystal Read More

Science Talks

Coffee Has More Than One 'Perk'

Remember when you were told that coffee was bad for you? New studies say otherwise. Nutrition Communication Specialist Kelly Cupell joins the show to not only explain the benefits of regular coffee, but also discusses the benefits of Isagenix Coffee. Kelly says, “There’s a lot of myths out there about coffee, but I’m here to Read More

Transforming Lives

Isagenix Millionaire No. 148 Jennifer C. T. Shares How She's Building Her Dynasty

When it comes to building a solid team, Isagenix Millionaire Jennifer C. T. says it’s all in how you, “create, build, and maintain momentum.” Jennifer reached Millionaire status in just three years with Isagenix and she attributes it to “staying focused on my ‘Why,’ motivating every member of my team, and driving a wave of Read More

IsaBody Challenge

Going Through Life on Autopilot

What do you do once your 16-week IsaBody Challenge has come to an end? In this podcast, Scott Knight, one of the Coovers’ personal trainers, will motivate you to reach your next goals. Grab some headphones, a pen, a notepad, and get ready to really dig into your “Why” and make the shift from life Read More