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Wealth Creation

How to Turn Prospects Into Consultants

The more prospects you and your team advance to Consultant, the more belief you’ll build in your business. Jill Bauman 11-Star Platinum, 7-Star Crystal Executive created a Prospect-to-Consultant system that’ll help exponentially ignite and expand your business. Jill says it’s important to get your entire team involved because “prospects need to know they’re about to Read More

Science Talks

5 Tips to Help You Get Swimsuit Ready

Are you ready for swimsuit season? If not, Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Ina Nozek joins the show with tips for fat burning, Shake Days, workouts, hydration, and stress. “We all want to look great in our swimsuits, but what’s most important is to be proud of how hard we work toward better health,” she says. Listen Read More

Transforming Lives

Southern Superstars, Audrye Moss and Allie McLeod, Work Together For Breakthrough Results

Do you have a “success partner”? If not, 24-year-old, 5-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Executive Audrye Moss and 21-year-old, 2-Star Golden Circle, 1-Star Crystal Executive Allie McLeod say it’s time to find one. “We motivate each other to grow, pick each other up when we’re down, and keep pushing each other to reach our goals,” Audrye Read More

IsaBody Challenge

4 Exercises to Help You Feel the Burn in Your Triceps

Did you know the tricep accounts for roughly two-thirds of your upper arm? Jim and Kathy Coover’s personal trainers Jill and Scott Knight join the show to teach you the important functions of this three-headed muscle and discuss the best ways to train it. “If you’re not challenging the muscle, you’re not changing the muscle,” Read More